Helping Magnetic Hands - A game changer for me

This magnetic board holder really made things easier for me. I struggle using the typical helping hands.


thanks for the share that is very cool, maybe you could do a quick video on how you wire up using that.

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I use these things:

But I have them attached to the base of my microscope instead of the yellow base.
(I highly recommend using some sort of magnification when soldering!)


Ok sweet, for now I’ll settle for my quad hand but that is very interesting. I wonder if the quad hands can accept magnet hands cause they are interchangeable.


Bobby is on!!


Present and accounted for!Lol

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I definately won’t be throwing my quad hands away! The mangneto hands are limited in their capability but when i comes to attaching wire to the board, I have found my vice so to speak.

Well they are on sale at amazon for 30% off. So $11 instead of 16.99, and the avg going rate seems to be over $20.
I used $10 in Amazon points and got it free. Why not.
Worse case scenario, I can hang a few pics of my kids on the fridge :wink:

Actually, I have 3 full sets of DIY Proffieboard v2.2’s sitting here. Maybe it’ll help.