Help with programming subblades with bladestyles on 7C MoM

I need some help using subblade to run my control box accents. I want the leds to blink in the correct pattern like the cave scene, I just can’t figure out how to create the blade style with fett265s style library. I was originally setting up my config to have 3 blades: main blade, green accent, and red accent, then having a different blade style for each, but everyone is recommending that I use subblade for this. I will post the config I have been working on. In it you can see that I have it set up for three blades with a blade style for each, but I have changed the blade config to use subblade instead of having 3 independent blades. I need to know how I go about setting up the styles for the subblades. Do I still give them two individual styles? Also, right now the styles for my blades are just pasted one after another in the preset, is there something I do to define which style goes to which blade/accent?

Here is a config I have been working on: ConfigTest -

I will also post a pic of the wiring diagram that I am going off of. Note that there may need to be subtle changes to the accent pixels on the left to make it work with subblade, as this was originally made as if I had 3 independent blades.

SubBlade only matters in the BladeConfig.
Styles for blades still work the same way as normal.
The order of styles in the presets map 1 to 1 to the order of blades in the BladeConfig.

So is it possible to have multiple blade styles for the main blade that you can switch between in one preset? Or do you create individual presets using the same font if you want different blade styles with the same font?

Also does this mean the config I linked in my post will work as is?

My bladeconfig looks like this:

{ 0, WS281XBladePtr<144, bladePin, Color8::GRB, PowerPINS<bladePowerPin2, bladePowerPin3> >(),

SubBlade (1,1,  WS281XBladePtr<2, blade2Pin> >()),
CONFIGARRAY(presets) },

Do the subblades look correct for how I want to run them with the MoM helper board? Someone else sent me this bladeconfig and I’m just curious how both the pixels on the helper know which blade style to use?

subblades are sitill blades, so even though your LEDs are hoked up together, you will still have a separate style for each LED. The config you linked to on pastebin looks reasonable, I think it should work.

The blade array shown in your last post is missing the color order and power pins, I don’t think it will work.

It sort of possible to do this with variations and ColorSelect, but those are generally disabled in fett263s prop I think.

So what do I need to add to my bladeconfig to make it work?

Actually I may have figured it out. I think I copied and pasted the wrong thing…

BladeConfig blades[] = {
  { 0, WS281XBladePtr<144, bladePin, Color8::GRB, PowerPINS<bladePowerPin2, bladePowerPin3> >(),

SubBlade (1,1,  WS281XBladePtr<2, blade2Pin, Color8::GRB, PowerPINS<bladePowerPin5 >()),
CONFIGARRAY(presets) },

This should work right?

This is my wiring diagram to go along with it…

Looks about right.
(I assume the two red wires that go “to main blade” are connected.)

I was told by someone that I could wire two positive wires to the pcb, eliminating the need to splice the wires but if that’s not true then I would connect those wires instead making it more like this diagram.

That diagram is pretty much unreadable, but yes, I think that is better.

Sorry, I got it from the maker of the helper board, so you can ignore the connections on the helper. I know those are all correct. I was just focusing on the path of the positive wire, as well as what pads the main blade and accents are connected to on the board being represented in my config.

The idea was he sends Battery positive to the hilt-side PCB and uses one of the many positive ring points on there to “breakout” to other locations, effectively avoiding mid-line splices.

What do you suggest I do?

It really doesn’t matter as long as the connections are solid. It’s a matter of convenience, layout, available space etc… It’s up to you.

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