Help with new interactive soundfont

I’m using the new OS7.8 and the interactive preon is listed as an effect that works with the update. How do I factor this into my code as I have a 1-minute preon made with interactivity in mind.

There are no examples yet, they will be added to a future phase of my OS7 library.

Ok, thank you. So the feature is not a part of OS7 yet?

The effect is defined but you have to write style code to run it. Without a style there is no effect on your saber.

I tried incorporating that into the style before, and it didn’t work. I put it as EFFECT_INTERACTIVE_PREON instead of EFFECT_PREON, but I am also really bad at coding these things.

Interactive effects are more complex than normal effects, they are built like mini-games. I’ll have some coming to the library in a future phase. If you’re unable to build probably best to wait for me to add to the library.

Thank you, I will wait until then.