Help with my saber

I don’t know where to go, this is the story I bought an LGT saber from AliExpress they sold me a proffie upgrade and the config file is called Xenopixel.h obviously they just copied and pasted the xeno file to the proffie board long story short it’s a mess, no audio prompts it’s basically on or off and switching blade styles all the fonts are not designed for proffie there’s zero accent swings, the volume is set way to low it has 3 settings low, high, off the entire setup is a train wreck their tech support is worthless.

So I’ve watched 3-4 hour long YouTube videos, multiple webpages I’ve spent aprox 8hrs going over videos and webpages trying to figure this out first off props to everyone who can do this, I’m very tech savvy but my god this is next level stress management.

So what happens is I’ll start watching a tutorial and get halfway and get lost, either they are creating the config file and I don’t understand where they are going and get frustrated?

Where I’ve gotten so far

I’ve got all the software and driver steps done including arduino all setup correctly, the proffie os downloaded, the windows drivers zdeg whatever it’s called completed etc

I’m literally at the part where you start editing configs except I don’t need to edit I need to start from scratch since I’ve been sold a nightmare.

I basically want to create a new config file from scratch tailored to the proffie v2.2 and the latest proffie OS. I want to setup my own song tracks files folder I want all the gesture controls basically a full fledged proffie saber.

I want to use fonts purchased from various webpages I’ve bought such as greyscale and saber I want to increase the speaker volume mine was preset at 1500 which is too low it’s a 24mm 3w 8ohm speaker.

Can someone help me into the right direction I would greatly appreciate it everytime I sit down and invest a few hours into this I get stuck somewhere.

Anyone that replies I value your time, help and guidance very much sincerely

Well, attaching it to the category description wasn’t the right place, so I moved this post into a new thread, specifically for helping you with your problems.

I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking for though. If you tell us where you’re stuck, what isn’t working, what error messages you’re getting and what your config file looks like, then we can easily help you get to the next step.

Changing the volume is easy, you just edit the volume number in the config file. Maybe change it to 2000 and see if that is loud enough? A 24mm speaker isn’t going to handle the highest volumes, so going higher than that might be risky.

The rest sounds mostly like building presets, and the easiest thing to do is probably to use Fett263s style library and just pair it up with one of your fonts.


Have you looked at the proffie v2.2 website? Proffieboard V2
I would suggest starting there and i would actually double check all the wiring if you are able to get to the board without any major surgery. Its is the easiest place to start. I has links to all the manuals as well as wiring diagrams. You shouldn’t have to read too deep into it to make sure that the board was installed and wired correctly.
Did they send you a copy of the proffieos they used?
If so what version is it, did they make any custom files> ex. prop files, config files, and the like.
I know that a few times I was working on my first proffie saber i messed up some files and decided to just start over and reflashed mine and picked up from there.
That is also an option if need be.
Like i said above, they proffieboard website as well as here have some of the best info and manuals for starting ground floor and working your was up.

Let us know what you can find out.


Hi and welcome,

you’re in the right place for advise. like @BanthaPooDoo said the link Proffieboard v2 is the right place to be.

just as a bit of house keeping in the forums, screenshots should be avoided especially if it is in regards to error messages.

in the Reply box you have different command options in blue and to post any configs or errors click on the icon that looks like this </> this is the preformatted box command and will make things look like this

e.g. error message.

photos are fine if there is queries regarding wiring

now that being said, I think once you have used the configurator in the link provided by @BanthaPooDoo then i would check the sd card contents.

the root of the sd card should have folders within it each one of these are a soundfont.

from memory the lgt naming convention will be bank01 to bank18

Well, the first step is knowing how the board is wired. This will determine how to write the BladeConfig section and CONFIG_BUTTONS.
Everything else can be made pretty much however you want. I would start simple, confirm it compiles, then edit some more until you get it how you like (for now, as you’ll likely find you make changes and additions often, so it’s good that the setup to program part is done)

The CONFIG_TOP section has a pretty standard bunch of base settings/defines to start with, then you can add a CONFIG_PROP section to use a custom buttons file that will include gesture control.
Once the prop is chosen, you would add the prop specific defines to CONFIG_TOP to “turn on/off” the features you want to use.

To start “from scratch” it’s probably easiest to use an existing template file (like OS6_config_example.h), make a copy and name it something you like, and then edit it to be your own.

The tracks thing is literally just having a folder of tracks on the SD card, then you point the OS to it in your presets.