Help with emitters for Proffie Lightsabers

What are the types of emitters used for Proffie? Sometimes I see people use two emitters instead of one in their install (vice versa). How does that work?

I’m not sure I understand the question, are you asking about having multiple blades on a saber?
That’s done by wiring the board appropriately.
Typically a pixel main blade will use a feed from the battery (+), a data pad to drive the pixel data, and a pair of LED pads to share the power load.

There are multiples of these pads on the Proffieboard, so you just wire up multiple blades.

I mean the neopixel connector, sorry. I have a LGT saber that has a little module that houses 1 neopixel connector with a PCB while I have a custom one from Korbanth that has 2 neopixel connectors with no PCBs and they are held in ring like holders. im just a bit confused.

Me too.
You posted a picture of a pogo pin PCB with LEDs on it.

This is the part that isn’t making sense.

What is the actual question?
Like, what are you trying to do?

If there are multiple break points in a build, such as the chassis is removable but the buttons stay in the hilt, then you’d have a pogo PCB between the end of the chassis and the hilt it slides into. You’d then also have another connector pogo PCB for the blade in the emitter itself.

It is a desert wanderer, so it has a long neck, that is probably why it has two PCBs, instead of one. Thanks for your help, I was just trying to figure out why thats all.

Ah, it’s a ‘thin neck’ install. Do you have a removable chassis?

yes it is.

When I went to install my empty Desert Wanderer, I realized that a pogo pcb with leds goes at the top of the chassis so that you can remove it and still have the appearance of light being emitted. That touches a ring pcb when inserted (often called a blade side pcb) which is in turn connected to a second led pogo pin set up in the emitter itself so you get light without a blade when fully assembled.

You can also do some of it without the light effects, or with a non removable chassis. User’s choice.