Help with CCSabers Darksaber V2 with Proffie 2.2

Hi. I’m new to Lightsabers and I have run into with my Darksaber that I bought from CCSabers. I ran into an issue where the music tracks weren’t playing for the right fonts, so I wanted to go into the config to fix it like the CCSabers Customer Support recommend. However, I put the micro SD into my PC and I cant find a config file. Can anyone help me out?

I would contact CCSabers directly and ask for the config file. They are usually very responsive and helpful.

I have. Originally they told me to go into the config file on the card, which is when I discovered the card didn’t have one. Then they sent me a TXQ Single Button zip for Proffie and told me to ‘flash the drive’. After that, I replied with, I was still new and didn’t know what that meant so I didn’t know how to do that. I asked them to clarify what that meant and I haven’t gotten anything back.

I am sure what they gave me will work, but I don’t know how to do it. Like I said, I am still new to all this. So, if you or someone can explain to me how to do that, I would appreciate it because I am sure it will work.

I have the txq 1 button config from ccsabers for the darksaber. I think I’ve updated it for 0s7.13. I’ll check tonight when i get home from work.

To flash your proffieboard, you will need to follow these steps exactly:

When I get a chance I will definitely try it and update on how it went. Thank you, meierm01

@meierm01 I would recommend trying ProffieConfig first, you can easily import your config and it’ll do all the setup automatically. Unless you have a really eccentric/unique proffieboard setup it’ll handle it just fine.

Just a lot easier for newcomers.

Update: I’ve tried both methods and neither of them worked. I sent CCSabers Customer Service a message asking for the Darksaber V2 Proffie 2.2 config to see if it will help. I followed the instructions and it seems without the config I can’t do much to fix my issue. Unless someone happens to have it.

Again: All of this is still new to me so maybe I’m doing something wrong or misinterpreting something which is most likely the case.

What do you mean by “didn’t work?”

What methods did you try? (What did that process entail, where’d you get stuck?)

You’ll definitely want to try and get the original config first though since it gives you a good place to jump off from.

@jedi_j_stream might get to you before CCSabers does :laughing: , since he said he has that config. It’s a race!

Carl is usually pretty quick… but I’m home. Here’s the one I have:
P-TXQ1B20220829.h (44.8 KB)

This is the Config Carl sent me a few months ago for my TXQ Darksaber.

And the winner is…. Jedi_j_stream!!!

Thank you so much. I can tell, just from opening it, that I was right and some of the music wavs are mixed up. The customer service tired to tell me that I was wrong and sent me a picture, but fonts didn’t match the ones I have on this saber. Yours match perfectly. Again, thank you so much for the config.

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That prop file doesn’t exist… and it’s a V1 Proffieboard?

I had confirmed that the fonts matched the SD card. I thought I had created an updated version with FETT263 prop file for OS7.13 but with the same sounds–but it’s not actually different… either I screwed up while saving the file or my recollection of editing the file was a false memory… either way, i don’t have an updated version to share.

There’s some weird characters and setup in there too, interesting. (I’ve seen this config before, actually…)

Some of these defines also don’t exist…

This is what they thought I had:

TXQ_ProffieConfig_Updated.h (45.4 KB)

Here, I “pruned” it if you will and fixed some things that were wrong.

I mean, that’s more what I’d expect tbh… :person_shrugging:

This is what is on my Darksaber V2 and what jedi_j_stream has on the config