Help with Blade detect please!

Hello guys! First time posting here. I am begging for hep please. I finished a build and everything works except for the blade detect. Whenever I power on the saber with a blade in it’ll play the blade in font but then instantly revert to the no blade font even though there is a blade inserted.

config included below. Thanks in advance guys. Love this forum and your work on os7

javiergraflex2022.h (109.3 KB)

What does the serial monitor show when this happens?

Do you have the wiring diagram? Because you have defined the Blade Present pin as pin 17 (Data3), but you also defined your third blade (a 1 element Pixel, I assume your switch) as using blade3Pin, which happens to be the same pin. So, either the config or the wiring is unsync.

Oh man /: I hope I won’t need to rewire. Blade 1 wired to Data 1. Neopixel PCB (Blade 2) wired to Data 2. Crystal chamber LED (Blade 3) wired to Data 3 and Blade Detect wired to Data 4 pin. If that’s still confusing I can make a diagram. Thanks for your response btw Really appreciate it

I have never used the serial monitor. I’ll give it a try and let you know. Thanks!

Then you only need to change the line:



#define BLADE_DETECT_PIN blade4Pin

WOW. You sir, are a life safer. You just made my day and Ill forever be in your debt.