Help - Gesture Controls (On/Off) Working But Power & Aux Buttons Not

Hi All,

I’m new to Proffie, but eager to learn. I just received a Sabertrio proffie saber that was configured with Fett263’s 2 Button (prop) file for use with ProffieOS 7.12.

Upon arrival the power button wasn’t working but I was able to use the gesture controls to turn it on and go through all of the preloaded fonts and blade styles with the aux button.

I have been watching Fett’s videos on Youtube to prepare for getting this saber and I remembered him mentioning that you can disengage the power button so you don’t accidentally turn the saber off while using it. I figured this is why the power button isn’t working and I’d be able to engage it again.

I charged the power core last night and when I went to turn the saber on today the power button still wasn’t working and now the aux button isn’t working either. I can still ignite the saber with gesture controls but that’s about it. The power and aux buttons don’t do anything while the saber is on or off.

I thought I may be stuck in battle mode but the only gestures that are working are on, off and clash. Lockup, drag and melt are not working with the gestures like Fett263 shows in his battle mode demo.

So I’m lost. Am I stuck in some kind of weird mode or is there a bigger issue at play? Any guidance would be much appreciated!


Sounds like a bad button, connect to Serial Monitor and see what it prints when you press the Power button.

Connect your saber to the computer, go into Arduino > Tools > Serial Monitor, then press the Power button, you should see it print out the button press, if not, it’s a bad button.

Thank you so much for the suggestion! I was all set to follow along step by step to one of your videos today when this happened.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to run the test with Sabertrio’s new power core set up since the board is not directly connected to the buttons but I’ll see what I can do to test it. I’ll also reach out to Sabertrio to see what they suggest. Thanks again for your feedback and I’ll keep you posted if you want. Thanks!

I have a similar issue with my Sabers–cannot connect the USB while assembled–but I have been able to trace the connections and validate things like button operations with on the fixed hilt electronics by using a multi-meter (rather than disassembling the ‘non-removable’ electronics). If you have one, you can use it to verify that the hilt buttons function properly.