Help freeing up storage space

I’m attempting to free up some storage space on my saber by deleting a few fonts. Arduino says my sketch is currently using 97% storage space. I deleted two fonts from my SD card and deleted the same two blade styles from my config file that go with the fonts but my storage space remains at 97%. Is there something else I have to do to free up that space?

Font files on your SD are irrelevant. The number and size of your bladestyles makes a difference. Basically, every non-remarked text symbol counts towards the space used.

I guess the first question is why you’re freeing up space, seems like your config fits just fine. Typically, you’d only need to free up space if the sketch is larger than available Flash memory.

As noted, deleting fonts on your SD has nothing to do with available Flash memory.

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That’s fine. The other 3% are not used for anything, so there is no reason to free up more space unless you need it for something else.

Is there a specific reason why you’re freeing up space? Are you trying to improve performance or is it in regards to an issue you’re having?

As mentioned, sd card space doesn’t affect the flash memory as the memory of the board is soldered to the board. Most of our boards are running at 99%.

No issues or anything. I guess what I’m trying to figure out is why no space was freed up after removing two blade styles from the config. Once my sketch hits 100%, the way to free space is to remove those from the config correct?

It would depend on the styles themselves, if they were just repeats of other presets then it’s possible removing wouldn’t really change sketch size -or- it’s also possible you didn’t upload the config you removed them from. If you’re unsure you can always purposefully add an obvious typo to your config and see if it kicks an error, then fix it and upload.

As to saving space, here are some options. You’ll also want to use optimized styles to save some room, some older styles and syntax take up more room and I’ve found mixing old and new syntax takes up more space than having all styles using Layers format.

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Okay, thank you for all the information I appreciate it.

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