Having Trouble getting edit mode to work

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Have you successfully uploaded a different config w the saber before? Try changing to just one bladestyle preset and load that in. Doesn’t even have to be edit mode. I wanna see if that works first. *What time zone are you since I am West Coast? I immediately noticed that after you changed the file name in Arduino to #define CONFIG_FILE “config/mysaber_config.h” you did not go up to the Arduino toolbar at the top and select FILE and then click on SAVE? If not that may be the easy answer since you need to save the change in Arduino for it to stick otherwise it won’t upload correctly. Try that first and let me know and from there we can do a Zoom.

Also, as @NoSloppy has hammered into my head more than once, don’t use Text Edit. It can accidentally insert common key rather than the specific key into the code. Download Sublime Text, as you’ll be wanting it along with the link to the most current OS Master so you can easily access it if we need to GitHub - profezzorn/ProffieOS: Lightsaber Controller Software

Side-note, welcome to The Crucible and MTFBWY!
Shane, aka Revo.

I don’t see anything wrong in this video.
That probably means that the thing that is wrong, is not actually in the video.
Are you sure it actually uploaded the config? We didn’t get to see that in the video…
(You can make the bottom section of the arduino window larger, so you can see what actually happens better.)

Next step would be to check what you see in the serial monitor when you press those buttons. Maybe there is a hint there?

I’m on eastern time. I live in Florida.

To answer your question, I just made a change to the config the day before by changing one of the presets. It was successfully changed.

Hard to understand what’s not working, as profezzorn noted we need to see if it actually uploaded.

Let’s try this:

First, find where you unzipped ProffieOS. Go to the /styles folder, if you see “edit_mode.h” then you have OS6.

If you confirmed you have OS6, save and rename your config to “myos6_config.h” to the /config folder of that same ProffieOS folder.

Then go up to the root ProffieOS and double-click ProffieOS.ino to launch from that exact location.

In Arduino, set your CONFIG_FILE (make sure no other defines are uncommented)

#define CONFIG_FILE "config/myos6_config.h"

Save in Arduino, then upload. Copy the orange text from Arduino here so we can confirm it did upload or
if you get errors, just post them as it will shed light on what is going on.

I’ll give this a shot this afternoon! Thank you!

image removed

First, hook up to Serial Monitor and type “version”.

What does it say?

Also, need to see the config you just uploaded, post using pastebin.com

I deleted the image due to it not meeting standards.

I deleted the image due to not meeting standards.

By default, the checkmark is ON for “Save when Verifying or Uploading” in Arduino preferences, so that changes get auto-saved. So the thing to verify first would be if that’s been manually turned off for some reason, and if so, then yes, saving after editing is required.

No. I did not do that. After changing it to my os6, I clicked on the save button at the top of arduino.

I have a counseling session in a minute, I’ll be done in a hour and a half.

Sorry, I’m at a complete loss then. At this point I think your saber has become sentient and decided to troll you. I really can’t think of anything else. If you actually loaded that config Edit Mode is there and you should either be entering Edit Mode or getting “Error in Font Directory” error message, it’s either/or in my prop.

I think it’s how you’re clicking buttons.
To test the code (which I’m sure is fine) I suggest you flip NUM_BUTTONS to 1 and then try to enter Edit Mode by doing Double Click and Hold PWR (which means hold the 2nd click). I bet that works.

Also, the 2 button action is
case EVENTID(BUTTON_AUX, EVENT_HELD_LONG, MODE_OFF | BUTTON_POWER): which is technically pressing and Holding AUX while PWR is already held.
The serial monitor shows AUX held first.
So lean on AUX a smidge first before clicking PWR.

To my knowledge, there’s nothing in ProffieOS (including the onboard BOOT and RESET buttons) that’s actually both buttons at the same time.
Also @profezzorn, wasn’t there recently an add to the OS that allows button presses to be entered on the command line? Can it do mods?

Order of the buttons for HELD never worked differently for me. Worth a shot but the Serial Monitor shows both outputs for PWR and AUX HELD so I don’t think that’s it but I’m out of ideas.

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