Having a problem with proffie OS not finding my config file

I’m attempting to edit my blade styles and following a tutorial on YouTube

Specifically this one.

Anyways, I’ve gotten to the point where I’m attempting to find my customized config file and no matter what I do, the ardino app cannot find the file, even though it’s in the config folder. Any advice?

I should clarify I am in the proffie OS, and the error message reads “No such for or directory”

Hey, welcome! Review the part of the video starting around 5:45. He is pointing at the config file he created. Are you doing the same?

I am, as far as I can tell at least. I moved my configuration file into Proffie OS config folder.

I actually got it to compile without giving me any sort of error message (or anymessage at all really), and when I attempt to upload it gives me the “1234 etc” problem mentioned in the video.

My saber is from LGT if that helps at all.

If you’re getting a 1-10 count then FAIL, you likely didn’t choose the board under Arduino menu Tools>Port.
This is different than No such file or directory.
So what’s actually ahppening?

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Hello again. I ended scrapping that proffie os file, and starting from scratch. Again, im running into the problem where the file says it cannot be found in the config folder. I’ll reply pics with my process

I am sure that arduino is set to proffieboard v2 when verifying the code.

Things to check:
Did you set CONFIG_FILE?
Is your file called something.h.h? (Windows may hide the second .h)