Handy Blade Storage

Last weekend I ran to Lowes and purchased some 1 1/4" PVC pipe, cut it into 2.5’ sections, and attached to some 1.5" X 0.25" poplar strips:

This replaces a blade storage shelf I made some time ago, which was hard to use and took up floor space:


Looks good well done

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I store most of my blades in one of these:

I figure if I ever need to travel with it, I will get a regula mailer tube to put the hilts in, with some paper for padding, then the smaller tube would go into the bigger tube and off I go.

That’s cool…so do the blades just rattle around in there?

I have some paper in the bottom, and I haven’t travelled with it yet, but if I did, I would probably add something like a stuffed animal or small pillow to make them not rattle around.

You’d better not shove baby yoda in that tube…:stuck_out_tongue:


No way.

… he would eat my blades!


Nice! I’d like to use this design for storing stunt sabers in a dojo situation.

Is the best way to charge 8 sabers at a time to use 8 charges in a powerstrip, or has somebody got a recommendation for a multisaber charging set up?

A powerstrip full of chargers is probably the easiest option, unless you can just take out the batteries and charge them outside of the saber.

I’m not aware of a multi-cell charger that has multiple barrel-jack plugs, but I suppose it would be possible to make one by taking apart charger that is meant to charge cells directly. Another option would be to make dummy cells which attach to barrel-jack plugs. Just make sure you get the polarity right…

There is a lot of product means to charge quadcopter batteries that could work too, like maybe something like this:

You would just need to make some JST to barrel-jack cables.

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Maybe this would be better:

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Very helpful! I have a bag-o-barrel jacks lying around as well as the JSTs.

Usually the batteries are jammed into that schedule 40 3/4" PVC I like to use, with a latching switch at the base of the grip and a barrel charge port kinda floating a bit in some foam. So taking the battery in and out for charging is not a thing. I just pop the tail cap off (there’s a small JST in there so the switch doesn’t break if I pull too suddenly)

I like to think that it’s the kind of saber you can hand to a kid and they can do everything but chew on it. This way when grown people decide they’ll try something they saw on tv it’s fine.