Grogu's Dark Saber

Hi everyone, I’m in the process of building Grogu’s Dark Saber.

Im completely new to building sabers, and I’m currently having difficulty getting my profile 2.2 or profile 3.9 boards to work as intended, as well as designing a chassis to hold the board and the 18350 battery (Ideally smaller) for Mr. Grogu.

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

Looking forward to collaborating

Could you please elaborate on what you mean by having difficulty getting them to work as intended? What exact struggles are you encountering with the chassis? Just general space issues?

Knowing more about exactly what you’re trying to do and what isn’t working would help in trying to figure out a solution.

Yeah so I wired both my proffie 2.2 and 3.9 as instructed on the Configurator using one tactile switch and one 22mm speaker. Followed the config file instructions for arduino and loaded the code onto the board and it doesn’t activate. It will read out some of the fonts though.

As for the chassis, I’m looking for a design, or at least ideas on how to make one, for a 18350 battery and of course the board and speaker in the same area. Trying to make the chassis as minimal and as small as possible

Chassis design is a highly multi-dimensional task, and since I’m not familiar with that saber I can’t give much specific advice, but searching around and getting an idea for how chassis which you can buy are laid out should help you get a general idea as to how you could lay out your own. Generally you’ll need to “sandwich” the battery and board back to back if you’re in a tight space, and a lot of it comes down to tight tolerances and quite a bit of skill in assembly.

If the font names are being played when you press the button, it seems like you might not have set it up for single-button and/or wired it incorrectly? Cycling the presets is the function of the aux switch in two-button mode, which is why that comes to mind.

Ok cool, thank you.

And thank you for that info about proffie. I’ll give that a shot later today

No problem. Also, if you’re having difficulty navigating Proffie with all the code stuff, you might want to check out my tool ProffieConfig. (Just be sure to read through the getting started if you try it out) It takes a lot of the hassle out of the whole process, and if you have a config generated by the config generator, you can import that into the tool as a starting point. :slight_smile: