Graflex Build: Best way to mount switch?

Looking for some advice on mounting this solitary momentary switch. Since the blade holder is conductive I tried just putting down a piece of tape and super gluing the switch to that, but this did not prove to be very durable


I would design a small single-sided PCB for it, order it in 0.8mm thickness from oshpark.
Solder the switch to the PCB, glue or tape the PCB to the blade holder.
Assuming you have 0.8mm to spare that is.

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I would 3D print some craddle. You can do it in 20’ in a resin printer. Then glue both.

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I used kapton tape with double sided 3M tape over it.

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This might be the way. I don’t think there is 1mm of clearance. What bladeholder and Graflex do you have?

I just installed KR bladeholder. You already pit down tape to insulate, E6000, a dab on bottom if switch works. Tape switch down on position until e600 sets.

If youre using kr replica, the beer tab rivet catches that top switch, it needs to be ground down on inside.