GND to Battery Negative?

Currently working on an install, and it’s going well… except for the fact that the chassis I decided to use has a nanometer of space beneath the Proffieboard. Trying to save space as much as I can.

However, I have 2 switch grounds I need to wire in, and both grounds on the left side of the board are almost completely inaccessible from the bottom due to space constraints. I could always wire on the top of the board but that’s very ugly and I’d rather not.

Could I wire the GND wires to the battery negative pad on the right side of the board? I know that the battery negative and ground are connected internally, but would this cause issues?

I think the main takeaway from this is I need to just make my own chassis lol.

No issues.
Unless you cut the bridge between BATT- and GND, they are the same thing.
(As long as you’re not planning to draw lots of power.)

Gotcha, and no I don’t believe I’ll be drawing enough power to cause issues.

This is something I should’ve seen LONG before I began wiring, but at least it should still work.