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So I’m having a tough time keeping my fork’s master branch clean.
The goal (I’ve learned) is to keep the master current by fetching upstream before making a branch. Then that branch gets edits from which a Pull Request can be submitted.
However, I now have a commit " Merge branch ‘profezzorn:master’ into master"
and it thinks my master is 1 commit ahead of profezzorn/ProffieOS master.
On top of that, I did a test push (with my inadvertent temporary permissions)
and while that was instantly added to “the master” (not MY master)
it still shows as an open commit on MY master.
I don’t want to branch from here, as these commits are going to tag along in future PRs.
In place of getting very involved and trying to cherry-pick, or revert things, I find it easy to simply delete my fork repo, re-fork, and go forward.
However again, I think that caused the issue where my PR couldn’t be commented on in review (because the source repo didn’t exist)

TL;DR… Why did I wind up with these commits that are “ahead of” the profezzorn master, or more importantly, how would you suggest I proceed.
I want to just delete and re-fork. But I have pending PRs.

There should be no need to re-fork.
You can always fix your master by doing a “git reset”.

I think this might be what you want:

How do I reset the git master branch to the upstream branch in a forked repository? - Stack Overflow.

I get these merge commits when I’ve comited something to my local branch. (on my computer) and then do a “git pull”. If you never commit something to the master branch (locally, or on github) then it shouldn’t happen.

Thank you. Probably what i want to to, however this comment is making me wary:
“be careful that the forced push automatically closes all open pull-requests you made for the upstream. I wasn’t aware of this, which was a bit of a surprise.”

Hmm, I think that only applies to one branch (master), but I’m not sure…

ok well I’ll tryit. worst case scenario, I look under closed PRs, take notes and re-do.
I’d need to do that if re-forking crippled review comments anyway ¯_(ツ)_/¯


remote: Support for password authentication was removed on August 13, 2021.
Can’t enter username / password
Now i have to go figure all that out. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Ok it’s just misleading because the prompt doesn’t say “token” it says “password”.
I have the PAT.
done, let’s see what happened.

Seems all is well.
Thanks again.