GitHub and how to read it

Hi all,

so I had signed up on github and realised don’t really now how to read the different statuses.

is my understanding correct
Pushed X to commit = “I think it is ready”
Merged #xxxx into master = “confirmed fixed”
Pull request = enhancement request
issue = problem to be fixed.


It’s a whole world that can be confusing for sure.
It all really depends on where you “are” to know what you’re looking at.

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Hey @NoSloppy the android app.

People may use these things to mean different things in different circumstances, but here is a brief explanation on how I use these terms.

  • Issue = a bug report, feature request or request for help. It’s not that different from a forum post really.
  • Pull request = A chunk of code that someone wants to add/modify/delete from ProffieOS.
  • Merge ### into master. = Here ### generally refers to one or more pull requests. “Merging it into master” means that the code associated with the pull request as been added/modified/deleted in the github repository.
  • “pushed to commit” is not a term I use, perhaps it means making updates to a pull request?
  • “Master” this is the main branch of the github (or any other git) repository of code. Branches can be used for many things, but in ProffieOS we use them primarily to separate major versions. So 5.x is a branch. 4.x is branch, etc. Soon I will be creating a “6.x” branch. Right now that doesn’t exist, so “master” is what will become “6.x”.
  • Branches are kind of like directories, each branch can have completely different content, but in most git repositories, they simply store different versions of the code, including the history of all modifications that have been made to that code.
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I would not try anything code related on mobile if you can avoid it. Maybe it’s me.

reading code can be ok on mobile.
writing code on mobile is not fun.

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I’m just keeping tabs to see what’s being worked on outside of here. that way I don’t need to bother you all with whats been implemented or fixed cause it’s all on github anyway. plus I’m too enthusiastic and I’d be asking everyday. ya’ll don’t need that stress.