Getting sound settings from Sabertrio ProffieOS

I’m trying to replicate the sound quality Sabertrio’s ProffieOS had, but on a fresh copy of ProffieOS.
My saber is using a 21.20mm speaker (using verniers) and from the factory it had shockingly respectable bass. Fresh 6.7 upload and it’s less impressive.

I’d love the oomph it had, but with unmodified ProffieOS. Any suggestions?

The contents of the sound folder feels like it should have ‘something’ to do with it, or maybe not.

Ask Sabertrio to submit their modifications as a PR to base ProffieOS.
I have no idea what they may have changed, or why.

Beyond what @profezzorn recommended, do you have a copy of the sounds that you’re comparing this against? If not, besides the request you should also inquire as to the defines in their config, if you do not have that. It will tell you volume output as well as clash. It would be sweet to have their OS pack though as I know someone who would like it back on their hilt.

Of course I have the files. I mean, how else does one load them?

Pick any one of the free ProffieOS default sound fonts and compare it to the S3 version. Let’s say it’s Teensy.

Play the free Teensy on real ProffieOS, then Teensy that came with the S3 OS. This however is using each OS’s Teensy version, if you want to call it that. I have not done a frequency comparison to see if the actual .wav files are the same. I only noted this today when toying my saber so I haven’t gone too deep into it. Also I’m not a sound engineer, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night (betting the youngsters have no clue what I’m talking about :joy:)

I recommend downloading a tool called “windiff”, then you can compare code, config files, wav files, whatever to see what has been changed and what hasn’t. From there you can try changing one thing at a time to figure out what is causing the differences.

Or just ask Sabertrio?

Excellent. I will try that software.

I’ve tried. They are not interested in giving up their special sauce with anything. Their idea of assisting each customer is something like “send us what you want to do and we’ll take care of it”

That is not what I call open source anything. That is why I am trying to get rid of their OS for good.

Not giving up the special sauce isn’t actually an option when you’re working with GPL software. Read the license.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be in the corner with my head ducked for cover, comparing code in windiff.

It’s not like they are hiding anything…technically. The code is there for all to see. However comparing and finding the differences seems to be a job for the end user.

I’ve been doing
sdiff -l FILE1 FILE2 | cat -n | grep -v -e '($'

maybe windiff does recursive diffs?

Why not just use plain “diff”?

diff -r -U3 -w dir1 dir2 | less

I don’t know if windiff is any good. I just know it’s free and windows-like.
For linux, there are MANY choices for diff programs.

Gave up trying. Too many factors and just not worth it. If I get ambitious one day might try tweaking the EQ on fonts to get a little more lower end, but not holding my breath.

Appreciate the suggestions though. You guys are great :hugs: