Gestures for power on and off not working

Ok I just bought a proffie 2.2 saber from Neosaber. The black squadron saber. The gesture for on and off seem to be disabled and I have no idea how to turn them on. I’m new to this lightsaber modding world and don’t know much. But after following a guide I was able to a verify uploaded successfully, but it didn’t change anything. I believe the prop is saberBC buttons. And I remember seeing a. Read me file that said if blade detect is not defined the power on and off retraction gestures won’t work. Any ideas how to make this work?
NEO1Button36 1.h|attachment (62.4 KB)

First, delete this line from the config

#include "../sound/sound_library.h"

Next, “the gesture for on and off” is unclear. There are multiple gestures, and the ones that are defined in your config file are the ones that are active, so in your case:

#define BC_THRUST_ON
#define BC_TWIST_ON
#define BC_TWIST_OFF

You could also add #define BC_SWING_ON if you wanted.
The instructions for how to use the controls are in the top comments section of the prop file itself located in the ProffieOS/props folder.

ok I got it working. thank you for assistance.

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