FS.h error on MacOS

I have no idea how to link files to Adruino on Mac. Also my Mac won’t even recognize that I pigged the proffie board in. The first error that pops up is “FS.h: no such file or directory”. I don’t really know what I’m doing and I need help

Did you install the arduino-proffieboard plugin?
Did you select “Proffieiboard V2” in Arduino->tools->board?

If the answer to these are yes, try posting the complete error message and maybe I can give better advice.
If the answer is no, but you don’t know what you need to, just ask.

You need to install the plugin. Did you follow the instructions here?

Don’t post a photo of the screen. For interface visuals, post a screenshot. For code errors/display. either pastebin.com or format code. If you paste code into the forum, it should detect it and show you how to format it.

Ok got it, thanks, this is my first post on crucible and I’m on mobile rn