Freeze Stab Upgrade

I have an older style that used the “ice blade” stab over a base of a smoke blade in OS5.9 and I’d like to upgrade it for OS 6.7.

To get the new ice effect from the interactive “fire and ice” I tried starting with “fire and ice” as the base, moving the code into the style editor and swapping out the flame blade for a smoke blade. No luck.

What’s the right way to go about it? Maybe it’s just on the very long style library to do list and I should be patient?

Choose the Smoke Blade style then just add the Interactive Ice Blade option under Force/Swing Effects. I haven’t converted it to Stab yet but you can swap out EFFECT_FORCE for EFFECT_STAB if you want. The new Interactive capabilities have made a lot of the older styles obsolete so there aren’t necessarily direct replacements, things like the old OS5 Freeze blade were done how we could with the options available, now I’m moving most of these effects into Interactive capabilities to make them work better and be more immersive.

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I’ll keep EFFECT_FORCE that was a great idea. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

You’re welcome

*Subject to further clarification by Fett263 and @profezzorn

If I may, I would like to humbly add the following note in more layman’s terms.

Should anyone else pull this topic up in the future that hasn’t been a part of this amazing OS changeover, by “obsolete” what @Fett263 means is that the pre OS6 styles will not entirely work the same should you wish them to be usable in EditMode etc. which is as I see this as being the topic/subject matter @LyleStyle brings up. The old OS styles will still work, as all Proffie is reverse compatible, but they just won’t work as expected at all times for “upgrading” correct in EditMode which is the major component of the new saber_fett263_buttons.h prop. You can use the older OS versions as well as the older Fett263 prop file in OS6+ but you will need to properly title the old file versus the new so when Arduino loads things up there are no errors and drop the renamed pre-OS6 prop file into the OS6 props folder. In other words, as an example since I use both old and new OS versions in two different hilts right now.

OS59_saber_fett263_buttons.h is the title I changed the old prop file to that runs old styles that I have dropped into the OS6 prop folder.

OS6_onwards_saber_fett263_buttons.h is the title I changed the NEW EditMode prop file to that runs all of the new optimized styles.


No, what I meant by obsolete is the way the old Freeze blade was made to work was given the available style capabilities of OS5, OS6 introduced way more control and functionality so I updated the style to perform more like I originally envisioned. You can use older style code with the current prop, you just won’t be able to edit colors or settings or utilize the new features like Clash Impact, etc. Comparatively, nearly all of the styles I’ve built for OS6 are improvements over their OS5 versions due to better optimization, simplification of functions, additional elements and the ability to edit every effect color independently along with all settings for ignitions, retractions, etc. So comparatively to OS6, the OS5 library styles are “obsolete” but yes, they still run (although in a lot of cases the older styles use up more memory on the board in addition to offering less flexibility and features).

Perfect, thanks. This way future users see the reasoning. :smiley:

Is not needed unless you prefer the button controls the way they were, and are not interested in the newer features.
The new OS6 prop has no incompatibility with 5.9 styles.

True, you don’t need to run the defines ENABLE_ALL_EDIT_OPTIONS and FETT263_EDIT_MODE_MENU unless you want them for the buttons to work in the new fashion versus the old combinations.

To clarify, my original post was not related to edit mode. I just wanted to add the super dope interactive capability of using the force button and then chipping away at the ice through clashes now called “interactive ice blade”, and I have. To find it I just followed Fett263 advice which boiled down to “same as it ever was”.

I got that part and agree with you. There’s a batch of older ForceEffect animations that would be awesome as interactive.