Force / Quote player help

So I’m trying to know how to use the hybrid quote and force sounds. I have only all force and quotes sounds but all named as force, force2,force3… ETC. any advice?, so I have to make a quotes and force folder? or just have force but name the quotes in a sequence order like the force sounds.

force and quote .wavs are used in the font just like any other sound.
If there’s more than one of a sound type, put it in a subfolder named the sound.
(1e: quote folder containing quote01, quote02 etc…
force folder containing force01, force02, etc…)

Name them accordingly, and the OS will come find them.

any defines I need for my config?

Not unless you want the player to start in Quote mode rather than Force. You do need my prop though. The defines are listed near the top of the prop file.

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it worked and is very cool. I made the quote folder and it now works. now for repeats you could use the stop repeat define if needed? or its not really necessary?.

Not sure what you mean? Quotes play sequentially, if they are repeating its the files themselves.


That applies to sounds that are randomly selected, sequential is still sequential.

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Thanks Fett, yea it works and its addicting now lol.

Hello. Have the same question but I do understand how to set up the quotes and tracks folders. My issue is I don’t know what a prop file is, where to find the right one, and where to put it in the config (or somewhere else if that’s not the case). Could someone help me out please? r

A prop file is the controls/button set up you include in your config. Information for setting mine up is available here:

I’ll check out, thank you

Hey Fett263.

So I have your prop in my config.

#include "../props/saber_fett263_buttons.h"

For one of my fonts, “RuleOfTwo” I created a “quote” folder. Put my quotes in there and labeled them “quote01, quote02, etc”.

However, after I attempt to update my saber with Arduino (which does not give me an error message), it makes the font not work. When I unplug and turn on, that particular font doesn’t work. If I then look at my SD card after all this, I can see that the font is corrupted. Has the black image with 3 green dots.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong here. Please help. Thanks!

You need to make sure you “Eject” your SD before removing it from the computer or you can corrupt it. Reformat the SD and reload your fonts and always be sure you “Eject” the SD when it’s connected to the computer.

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I noticed that when pointing the saber down and toggling between force and quote playing that it also affects the functionality of “force boost aura”. The aura functions when audio player is in force mode and doesn’t when it is in quote mode. An obvious work around is to relabel quotes as force.wav files, and it does serve as a toggle for the interactive feature. But it would be cool to still have that aura on quotes and be able to keep the functions of being able to toggle just the audio.

Are force sounds and force actions linked as a best solution?

EFFECT_FORCE controls sound and effects together there’s currently no way to separate. OS7 will have more ways to do but that’s for another day :wink:. For now you can use Force Push to just do force sounds by setting them up as push.wav or you’d need to use a USER effect and set up a control in the prop for the Aura trigger.

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USER effects for the win! :slight_smile:

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