Font directory not found

I’m having an issue getting my KSith’s Hero font to be detected. It’ll just say “font directory not found” even though it’s named properly and everything in the sd card AND the config.
os7config.h (162.4 KB)

Need to see the Hero font directory contents.
Seems like maybe the sounds are in subfolders, possibly with other boards, like Proffie folder, a CFX folder, a Verso folder etc…

I didn’t realize it was actually the Villian font that won’t work. I have an image below of both the Hero and Villian fonts. And the Hero font has the smoothswing config (it doesn’t fit in the ss)

ok first of all, you’ll need to remove the screenshots as per the forum rules, because you could just use text to show instead. ( open a command prompt, use cd to navigate to the SD card root level, then type dir /A-D /S /B
That should give you a listing that you can copy and paste here).

That said, your problem is very simple.
You’ve misspelled Villain.
Your config is looking for vee eye el el eye ay en,
but your font is named as vee eye el el AY EYE en.