Font directory not found

I uploaded and added 1 font to my saber, ejected SD card and unhooked my saber from my Mac. When sticking the battery back in I get “Font directory not found”

The upload of my config was successful and everything, so I’m not sure what happened or what I need to do.

Can anyone help?


  1. Try the pwd command in the serial monitor, it will show what directories it’s looking for.
  2. Are you using the fett263 prop? If so, did you add ;common to your font string?
  3. Check hat the SD card hasn’t been corrupted.
  4. Use the dir and effects command to see what file(s) are seen and found in ProffieOS.

If none of the above helps, post your config and the output of the dir command and we’ll take a look.

None of the existing fonts have ;common in their font strings.

Yes I’m using fett263 prop.

If you have edit mode on, you need a voice pack on the SD card.
The voice pack usually goes in the common directory. Without it, you get a “font directory not found” error I think.

No edit mode.

Frankly I’m not even sure what version I’m running and the vendor doesn’t get back to me.

How do you tell? What’s the process for updating versions?

FWIW, I fixed the font issue lol

You may as well just update to 6.7 and get it working fully. You can still use the same config.

You can type version in serial monitor to see what’s currently uploaded to the board.
Updating is just;

  • downloading the latest release,
  • moving your config file into the new config folder
  • opening the new ProffieOS.ino in Arduino and defining your CONFIG_FILE
  • Upload.

Alright, I’m running 6.7. Now I’ve gotta add edit mode to my config.

Info for my prop and Edit Mode set up linked here.

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Thanks @Fett263

New issue, I seem to have lost volume control…

Read the controls for the prop :wink:

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