Font directory not found, sd card not found

Looking for help with proffie 2.2. My saber was working perfectly but all of i sudden I am now getting “font directory not found, sd card not found. “ when I plug it into my pc it will boot up and load the sound fonts as normal, but it won’t when I have just the battery. The board is still recognized in arduino and I’m able to flash the board with the config file. I’ve tried reformatting the sd card, a new sd card, zadig and making a new config file. I read on another post that it could be an issue with D61 so I bought another proffieboard and installed it in the saber but I’m still getting “font directory not found, sd card not found” with just the battery in. If I plug in the usb and have the battery in it will boot, but if I unplug the usb it shuts off even with the new proffie board installed. Is there anything else that could be causing this issue?

That’s a bit of a weird one.
First thing to check would be that you have Proffieboard V2 selected in Arduino->Tools->Board.
What version of ProffieOS are you using?
What version of the arduino-proffieboard plugin?
What does your config file look like?
Is your battery charged? Have you tried a different battery?
Did you do anything when this started happening, or did it happen randomly?

I’m using ProffieOS 5.9, arduino plug-in 2.2. I have tried 2 different batteries as well. I’m using the config file that was working with the saber previously, there shouldn’t be any issues there. This just started happening out of no where. I thought it may be a D61 issue but even after putting in an entirely different proffieboard I’m still having the sd card not found issue

This is definitely a tricky one, and we’re probably going to need more information to figure it out. My best guess so far is that this is a wiring issue of some sort, causing the board to get insufficient voltage from the battery.

If you measure the voltage between BATT+ and GND on the board, what do you get?
If you measure between GND and the 3.3v pad, what do you see? (Try this both with and without USB connected.)

Okay so with only the battery in I’m getting 3.38 between BATT+ and GND and 3.14 between GND and the 3.3v Pad. With battery in and the usb plugged in I’m getting 3.52 between BATT+ and GND and 3.28 between GND and the 3.3v Pad.

If you get 3.3 volts between BATT+ and GND with a fully charged battery, then there is something wrong somewhere. What’s the voltage between + and - on the battery? (Measure this both with the battery connected to the board and not connected to the board.)

I’m getting 3.60 between + and - on the battery, same reading when it’s connected to the board

First of all, try charging the battery.
A full battery should have a voltage around 4.1 volts when not connected to anything.
Second, assuming your measurements are correct, you’ve lost 0.22 volts somewhere between the battery and the board. That can be normal if a blade is connected and on, but if not, it’s weird.

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