Font Directory Not Found - Only when Unplugged from PC

As the title states, Im running into a strange issue, where I have a board that will give me a “Font Directory Not Found” x2 (but NO SD card not found message following it).

Now Ive looked over the directory 100%. its all there. Verified the directory and contents work as Ive placed them in other sabers.

Then I tried to plug in the board to my pc and I heard the boot sound for the font it was on. Obviously, at this point I was confused. I unplugged it from my PC and turned on my kill switch, same error - font directory not found x2. Plug back in, boot sound is fine. The board plays every sound in the directory when plugged in but NEVER works when unplugged from my PC.

Ive formatted the card with Windows and with a 3rd party program, reloaded the data onto the card… same issue persists.

Ive re-prgrammed the board, and ensured that Save files when programming was commented out to give me a fresh look. I did not re-add all the “Generated” files to the SD card again after formatting, to allow for a fresh config.

Still the same error. Any help, I would really appreciate it.

Try just deleting the presets.ini and .tmp files from the SD card.

Ya know… sometimes in life… its the simplest things. My battery was dying. Installed a new battery and it immediately fixed the issue.

While that doesn’t entirely make sense, glad it’s sorted.

I guess maybe, drained battery would be a better term. Maybe just not enough power to boot the usb? A fully charged battery literally just fixed it. I am charging the original now in an external charger, I’ll throw it in next to see if the results are the same. I’ve changed nothing besides the steps in my original post.