Font creator reference tool

So it made sense to make a chassis that could hold an amp and a speaker for real time monitoring sounds from a saber hilt whilst working on fonts.
Target hilt was just the grip section from a KR Flagship, which worked out because I have one :slight_smile: This was enough to get the resonance of the real deal, but without need for the emitter, switches, blade etc…

This is what i whipped up.


Cool. I still need to build a test bed for my spare board so I’ll definitely use this idea.

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Very cool idea. I wanted to print a test box ported plus speaker choice…from 22 to 31mm…my all time favorite speaker now.

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This is awesome. I was trying to figure out how to connect/lock the two pieces (CC and main body) of a goth eco chassis together earlier today. This gives me an idea. Thanks for sharing

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That’s ingenious. Love the idea. Great way to play around with the sounds and test.