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Hey all, just wondering if the config.ini (within each font folder) is still valid? I don’t think there’s a Wiki page covering it at the moment, with up to date settings for OS6. I’ve seen over the past couple years the smoothswing.ini had a few settings that weren’t even valid like Transition3Degrees.
Here’s my current config.ini in each of my font folders that pair up with a smoothswing.ini:

# custom settings are required (not optional)
# always include custom ini files in the fontdir

## igniter settings

# hum will start x milliseconds after ignition begins
# the default is 1000 (any value)


## accent swings

# only controls swing responsiveness for legacy fonts
# higher values less responsive - lower values more responsive
# default 450


# used in conjunction with AccentMaxSwingVolume to modulate fade in/out
# the default is 1.0 (0.01 to 2.0)


# AccentMaxSwingVolume determines volume peak of fade in/out modulation
# the default is 3.0 x (1.0 to 3.0)


# introduced to tune spins - allows swing sounds to overlap each other
# to be tuned on a per-font basis
# fonts with lots of silence will need a much lower value
# in order to have good responsiveness
# values range from 0.0 (full overlap) to 1.0 (no overlap)


# semi-new, reintroduced to deal with fonts that have loud or bass-heavy
# accent swings. This parameter controls how much the volume of smooth
# swing pairs are reduced when an accent swing is playing.
# Values range from 0.0 to 1.0, with 0 meaning no reduction, and 1
# meaning that when the accent swing is at peak volume, the
# smooth swing pairs are totally muted


# StabAccelerationThreshold is the G force required to trigger a stab
# event.  Stab events only happen if the saber is NOT swinging but
# moved forward in a stabbing motion and the acceleration is greater
# than the threshold.  Default is 3.0 G.  Lower values mean less
# force is required to trigger a stab event, higher values mean more
# force.  NOTE: This applies to Plecter and smooth swing fonts


# If #define ENABLE_SPINS is defined. Number of degrees the blade must travel while staying above the
# swing threshold in order to trigger a spin sound.  Default is 360 or
# one full rotation.


#If you have multiple hums in a font, and wish to have the same hum repeat on loop until the next ignition
#as opposed to a random hum being chosen when the current one runs out
#the same sort of entry in config.ini covers it.

### ---- These below as of OS6 only ---- ###


#Minimum acceleration for Accent Swing file Selection
#recommended value is 20.0 ~ 30.0


#Maximum acceleration for Accent Swing file Selection
#must be higher than Min value to enable selection
#recommended value is 100.0 ~ 150.0


I should rephrase this by asking what settings are valid currently?

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