Flicker with more than two colors?

hey! im new to ProffieOS and having a blast customizing the shit outta my saber with the Fett263 Librabry!

im looking to create a strobing effect with multiple colors, when using the Flicker preset it only lets me select a max of two colors, is there a way to add as many colors as i want and create my own Strobing patterns?

On Enhancements screen change Color Type to one of the (Rotating) options and adjust Shift and Speed to your liking. There are also Rainbow and OmniColor (every color) options you can apply that can do all colors is you wanted.


Choose “Build a Sequence” option and you can add multiple colors or effects to run in a loop. You’d just set a Blink transition or very short Run Time or any combination.

the build a sequenze is amazing!!! thats what i have been looking for! i wish i could add more than 6 steps tho, but still its absolutely awesome. its flickering so fast ill get a seizure if i keep starin :joy:

I can look at expanding down the road in the OS7 library, although there are thousands of other ways to do in the OS7 library already :wink:
You may find you can do more with the Color Types in the normal styles by changing Speeds under the Color Shift, OmniColor and Rainbow as they can handle considerably more colors automatically.
You can also use BladeBuilder (top of the Library) to build a Dual Phase (Split Personality or Oscillate) blade that shifts and then apply the above Color Types (change “Normal”) next to each individual phase for even more “seizure” inducing effects :wink: Just pump the speed up on an OmniColor or Color Shift and it can run through a lot very quickly.