First time doing an OS6.7 Dual Blade Config w EditMode

This is my first time doing (editing w an example given) a config that has dual blades using the new OS. The emitter and the main blade are separate. When trying to use EditMode I immediately notice when going into Blade Style it reflects two options, the glowing/pulsing (which I see as being the emitter output) and the bladestyle itself. When I copy a bladestyle over to then go in and add say a pre-on effect, or change things around to add in some EditMode built style I don’t get the options showing.

Any feedback on if I have the config structured layering wrong or if it’s just a matter of needing to fully build out each option using the OS6 Style Library so things gel together better, let me know.

ie: Should I not keep the ()'s at the end of each main blade style and leave that closing argument to the emitter bladestyle section?

Every style needs a closing >(). Removing the main blade one would generate an error (expected) so not sure why you’d want to do that.
If I understand how it works, the glowing/pulsing you refer to is an indicator of which blade you are choosing to edit. Selecting that blade then applies edits to it. Going back one level should put you back at glowing/pulsing blade select, and rotating should cycle through all blades one at a time (in your case, with 2 blades, toggling between them).

Each blade is edited separately, if you have more than one blade then the menu prompt says “Select Blade” with the active blade pulsing. It will also say Blade #. You select the blade per the controls and begin editing that specific blade.

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So I should be editing the blade that pulses not the second blade that is an option to switch to for the first edit tier (example being the yellow bladestyle) that plays a different way than the blade that has already settled into run mode correct? I’ll try that as it would explain why when I tried to select a pre-on option for it that worked when in single blade configuration but wouldn’t now with dual blade.

Since I have the emitter bladestyle editable to a degree that is what caused the confusion.

You select the blade before you edit, the menu prompts you to “Select Blade” and causes the current blade to pulse while saying it’s number. Once you select a blade then all subsequent edits apply to that blade. If you want to edit a different blade you will “Go Back” to the blade selection menu and select it. The controls are explained at the top of the prop file or on this page: Fett263 ProffieOS6 Edit Mode

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Got it working now. Thanks

You’re welcome