First time accent LED programming

This is my first time wiring up and programming an accent LED and I’m stumped. I am using The Saber Merchant’s new drop in toggle switch upgrade for a LGT proffie core. LGT normally has the data line for the LED in their AV switches go to the positive speaker pad so it lights up whenever a sound is playing. I wired this one up to LED6 so I could control it. As far as I can tell, my config is right. I opened up the saber and double checked the wiring, and everything looks good.

If someone could double check my config and make sure I’m not missing something super obvious, I’d appreciate it. I have the LED set to do an audioflicker whenever the blade is on on all of the presets.

You can find more info about the switch here: TSM Accent LED Rotary Switch & USB-C Charge Assembly - Etsy

The wiring guide for the switch is here:

And here is the config: // ProffieOS7 Config File#ifdef CONFIG_TOP#include "proffieboard_v2_config.h -

Jeremy and I figured out the issue. The L+ pad is a positive, but I have it going to a negative. The negative for the LED is shared with the rest of the PCB it is mounted on. Is there a positive pad on the board that I can control to animate the LED?

LED effects are controlled by styles through the LED pads, the positive pad doesn’t have an FET to run styles.

Makes sense. I’m still getting my head around how a lot of this stuff actually works. I can wire up a board and program it, but the nitty gritty of how the circuit actually functions and everything I’m still learning.

Thank you for your input. I’m loving the OS7 style library.

Depending on which board, Fredrik’s configurator is usually a helpful starting point (or the manual), it won’t have ALL the ways you can wire, but it is a good roadmap for a lot if the common set ups and you can get a general sense of best practices.


IF it’s a 3.x board AND the LED draws less than 25mA, then you can use the Free 1/2/3 pads for this.

It’s using a Proffie 2, but I’ll let Jeremy know that the free pads on Proffie 3 might be a way to do it.