First Saber Install: Wiring

Hey all! I’m looking to start my first install soon, and I’m trying to plan a wiring diagram out. I have a sketch done - can someone who’s experienced take a look and make sure this works? I’m going to be installing a Saberbay Darksaber, so that’s why the PCBs are a little different. Thanks in advance!

It will probably work, but there are a few things I would wire differently.
In particular, avoid wiring the + and - for the main blade through other PCBs or strips.
Having four FETs for power is probably overkill, but that’s fine.
The two LED* wires ends up connecting at the blade though, which is a bit weird. It’s usually better to have a tree-like or hub-and-spoke-like shape in your circuits than a circular one.

Ok, so do I bring + and - in from the board/battery? And what exactly do you mean by using a hub for the negative blade connection?

Yeah, the wire for the blade power will carry a fair amount of power, so wire it more or less directly to the battery. For the negative side, you have one wire directly to the board, which is probably what you want.

Tree/Hub/Circle: (Although “circle” is called “ring” here.)

Basically, when connecting things, B, C and E are “better” shapes than A, D or F.

So I should get rid of the outgoing negative between the accent strip and the blade connector, and connect the incoming negative to the one from the LED switch and crystal pixel?


Not sure I know exactly what you mean here.

The negative on the left side of the 2020 strip, should I instead have come from the negative going into the crystal accent rather than through the accent?

In general, that would be better, but it really won’t matter in this case because the 2020 strip is probably fairly short and doesn’t draw enough power to matter, so just do what is easiest.

Great, thanks for your help!