First Proffie Saber build

Hello this is my first build and have some questions regarding wiring. This is diagram of Warsabers SK with a few modification. I am asking if someone can take a look at it to see if what I have added works. Also I have a LED strip that goes in the chassis but I’m not sure where to put the data line to make it independent as I think I am out of pads. Any Help would be greatly appreciated!

You can add the data for the strip by wiring it in series with an existing data run and split the total length into SubBlades. They will each have their independence while sharing a data pad.

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Thanks for the Sub blade info

Your diagram seem to be missing a wire to the BT module.
(From RX on the proffieboard.)
Also, you can use the Button3 pad for neopixel data if you like.

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Thank You! I have updated my diagram. Question if you don’t mind; I have 470 ohm 1/4w resistors and am not sure if they are the right ones to use for the data lines. Also I accidently got 1206 47uf 10v smd capacitors instead of the 0805. Do you know if that will work for the bluetooth or do I just need to get the 0805?

The 470 ohm you have is fine for data. Keep in mind data1 on a Proffieboard V2.2 has one built in to the board already.
There is no real difference other than size between 0805 and 1206. In terms of hand-solderability, the pad sizes are not much different. Once installed, they do the same thing for this purpose.

A few things I don’t quite understand: You are sending PowerPin2 and PowerPin3 to the crystal chamber and then routing them to the PCB. But you are also sending PowerPin5 straight to the PCB? Same happens with Battery +. I don’t know how is your wiring, do you have to go from the crystal chamber to the NPXL PCB?

Thank You. I appreciate the info!