FIrst proffie config for an LS6 Hero

I have been trying to compile a Config file for my frist Proffie build. I did foolishly go into this blind. Today I thought it would be best to just start from scratch again.
This is the error I am getting;
g++ /tmp/b3XNqdjXaC.cpp
/tmp/b3XNqdjXaC.cpp:42: error: unterminated #ifdef
42 | #ifdef CONFIG_PRESETS”

I am told I am midding the ‘endif’ but it looks like everything is there to me.
if I could get some sage help I would ver much appreciate it.

Hero Config - (Here is a link to the Config file.)

You have non-terminated comments which end up gobbling up your #endif.
Comments start with /* and end with */ The end part is missing, so everything up until line 98 becomes a comment.

I see the issue, there was a bug in the config helper and it caused your 2nd and 3rd styles in your preset to be incomplete. I just uploaded the fix, just refresh the config tool page and then regenerate your 2nd and 3rd styles for the arrows in the library and it should correct.

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That did help, the file compliled but now I must have some of my wiring a little off.
The OLED works, and the red arrow works but not the green.

I’ll figure it out more after coffee.

Just a little follow up, all is working well now. Though, when I double checked all the wiring I have noticed that one of the LED processing chips in the board has some slight damage on it and now the blade is really dim.

So all that work for the config file and now I may have to swap for a new board.

You can try a different LED pad, there should be 2 free ones.

That is true. The control box pixels are only taking up one negetive slot. I will have to look where I can relocate. Thank you for your help and what you have made for the community. I have a lot more to learn but this is a fun challenge.

You’re welcome, yeah easier than replacing entire board.

That is also true. Though, I do have a V3 board that I am sitting on for a Luke V2 build I had in mind. I guess I shouldn’t do extra work if I don’t have to.