First crystal chamber

I’m about to embark on my first crystal chamber build, and I’m looking for instructions on how to build the config file and any other tips I might need to know before tackling this. I’ve read through many of the threads here, and I’ve read through the Fett263 site. Do you guys have links, resources, or just advise to get me started?

This build is for a friend. I told him I’ve never done a crystal chamber before, but he didn’t seem to care. lol. I’m excited to learn this skill.

It’s simply adding another “blade” to your config file.

It just depends on how you are wiring it.
You can do it in several ways:

  • Parallel with the main blade, which uses your main blade style and behaves identically. Nothing needs to be changed in the config for this. You’re just splitting off the main blade data, the code is already all in place for that.

  • In series with the main blade, where the CC is simply the first LED of the data chain, resulting in the same behavior as parallel, just shifted by one pixel as you are just adding one to your main blade pixel count.

  • In series, but independently controlled from the main blade by splitting the data path into SubBlades. Here, you would need to:
    – Increase NUM_BLADES by one.
    – Add another blade style to each preset to control the CC LED.
    – Modify the Main blade definition, making it SubBlade with the CC.

  • Independent of the Main blade, using its own data line. This would need the same changes as SubBlades, except that the blade definition would be its own entry.

Once you decide that, which is usually based on the available layout and space inside, you just wire it up, make the config edits, and upload.

Awesome! That first option is definitely the easier option! Thank you!

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