Fett263 Tools Migration & Sunsetting

Just a note, I’m cleaning up and consolidating a lot of my tools over the next week or two. Last month my original domain registry informed me that they are no longer hosting sites as of July 1, so I migrated all of my files to a new service a few weeks ago.
Originally a few older tools stopped working but I have since fixed. It was all kind of a rush job so things aren’t necessarily organized in a manner that I’d like, so now I’m able to I’m combing through and moving some stuff around. As I’ve been organizing I have found a lot of very old files on my old "pre-“fett263.com” AWS bucket are still popping up in places. I currently have 3 locations and want to consolidate and sunset some really old stuff, mostly pre-OS5 that seems ancient by today’s standards.

As I’m working through them if something breaks just let me know. I’ll be posting information to route the sunsetting tools, although based on traffic they have almost no use anymore but Google has them indexed so I’ll drop a forwarding page for a bit, but I want to get rid of the AWS bucket (super old) as it’s still costing me money to host there for stuff that nobody, to my knowledge, uses anymore.