Fett263 style library help

I had recently gotten into proffie and am gonna buy a saber soon, before that I decided it would be a good idea to read up on everything about the board including going through fett263’s proffie website, however for somereason the style library in particular always results in my browsers “not responding”, i tried chrome and edge removed all plugins but ti no avail, i tried closing background tabs, also didnt work, any idea what’s wrong? It usually happens randomly, sometimes when browsing through the general library other times when I’m in the blade editor itself.

The style library previewer uses a fairly heavy webgl visualizer I think.
Could maybe make it hard for some computers.

Hmm, everything seems to be running fine. In Chrome if you right click and click Inspect and look in the Console are there any error messages?

Not to sure but it does say “No focus catchet found!” Repeatedly and has a “Mixed content warning” and an error that says “GET https://www.fett263.com/fav icon.ico 404”

Fixed the Mixed content and 404, you’ll have to refresh the page to get update. Not sure those would cause the page not to respond but worth a shot.

Still get the 404 error after refreshing, but one thing I don’t think I mentioned previously, I also see a message in the console that says “Unknown identifier:undefined”, could that be something of use?

You may need to clear cache, hold the ‘Shift’ button and refresh the page. If it persists let me know exactly what the message is looking for (although a missing image/icon wouldn’t affect the page running though, it just can’t display it.)

The undefined message wouldn’t affect anything it’s just a log, not an error. Errors would be in red, issues in Yellow, normal log print outs are in black.

If it’s still an issue it could be as profezzorn notes and your computer is unable to handle the previewer, you might try a different computer perhaps.