Feature Request: Another (optional) sound slot that always plays before preon/out, to be used for quotes

Feature Request: Nice to have another (optional) sound slot that would always play before either the preon (if there is a preon), or the out file (when there is no preon).

This idea isn’t mine, I saw someone ask about it on reddit and thought it was silly at first (why not just mix a quote with the preon or the out audio into one file and call it a day?). But…have you seen how many people (including myself) are abusing the font.wav sound slot with quotes? Half of darkwolf’s proffie font.wavs are quotes! I ended up having so much fun clipping my own quotes from the movies and even Saturday Night Live to put into font.wav, that I wished those quotes could always play before the saber ignited. Yes, I could mix the audio with the blade ignition or preon, but I like the idea that the os could handle that. I’m not sure what it would be called - slot0? prepreon? preamble?

Here are some examples of quotes from star wars media that I clipped, that are so neat to hear when I’m scrolling through the blade styles:

(Moff Gideon): “The Darksaber”
(Kanan to Sabine): “Ignite the blade”
(Bo Katan to Din): “It is an ancient weapon. One that can cut through anything (Bo Katan’s bud says ‘Almost Anything’). It cannot cut through pure Beskar”
(First Order Intern to Kylo disgused as Randy the Intern): “Kylo Ren? No, I want to fly like Luke Skywalker!” (Kylo ignites lightsaber and kills intern).

I’m not understanding how that’s not just font.wav

@NoSloppy - doesn’t font.wav only play when you’re scrolling through the menu? At least, in my setup, that’s the only time font.wav plays for me. font.wav does not play when I’m igniting the saber (again, maybe it’s my setup?). What I want is: Ignite Saber > preamble sound plays (if there is a preamble sound) > preon plays (if there is a preon) > out plays (I’m assuming out is required sound) > hum. Wow, if there’s already a way to get font.wav to play everytime the saber is ignited then I spent a lot time typing a request for an existing feature (d’oh!).

My first reaction is the same as yours: This seems silly. What’s next a pre-pre-pre-preon? It seems easy enough to just prepend the stuff you want to one or more of the preon sounds and call it a day. Obviously it’s slightly easier to just pop the files into the font directory, but I don’t think it offsets the 100-200 bytes of memory the feature would eat up for everyone.

Now, it’s possible to add a feature like this in a prop file, so someone might just do exactly that. Another possibility is that I might actually re-jigger how fonts work at some point in the future to make them entirely generic. (Any event can trigger any sound.) and if I do that, I might end up making this possible.