False Low-Battery Error

My Proffie v2 is giving false low-battery errors and the board itself is making a very high-pitched humming noise when a battery is plugged in. I’ve tried re-doing my powerlines and that didn’t seem to fix anything, I’ve tried running the ‘batt’ command in the serial monitor and got a 4.1v response, and I’ve tried re-uploading my config (Confirming I was using the right Arduino settings) to see if there was something strange going on there but no luck. Does anyone have an idea as to what it could be?

check battery voltage with multimeter set to dc v. If battery voltage is truly 4.1v, it may be something else. If battery voltage is lower tgan youre reading, could be a bad component on board.

So if “batt” says 4.1 volts, then it’s obviously the proffieboard is able to read the battery voltage more or less correctly, which makes me think that maybe the voltage actually does fluctuate? Like, maybe when the saber is ignited?

Where does the high-pitch sound come from? The speaker, or the board itself?

I don’t have a multimeter on hand at the moment, but when I get the chance I’ll give it a try.

The high-pitched sound comes from the board itself. My best guess is that something is getting partially bridged when wires shift and when that bridge connects it causes the voltage to be read incorrectly for a split second? I’ll do some testing to see what running “batt” does as soon as it gives the low-battery warning.

Does the low-battery warning happen at a particular time? Like maybe when you turn the board on, or when you ignite the saber? Or is it constant? Or is it completely random?