Failed uploading

Anyone seen this before?

Download    [                      ]   0%
Failed uploading: uploading error: exit status 74.

Someone just messaged me with this problem. They’ve tried the exact same config and OS on a loose board and it uploads fine, which presumably means their Zadig, drivers and all that are fine, but it throws the above error when they try it on their installed board.

I’ll get them to send it back to me when I get back home in a few days, but thought I’d ask in the meantime if anyone has come across this before as it’s a new one on me. Usually once the download bar shows up, everything works fine - I’ve never known the upload to crash or abort after the download bar appears.

Any thoughts welcome. :slight_smile:

There are basically two possibilities:

  1. A bad connection. When this happens, the error occurs randomly at different percentages each time. Sometimes it happens before the download bar shows up, sometimes it doesn’t. Most of the time, a different USB cable is the fix, even if the cable works with other boards.

  2. Bad flash memory. In this case, it fails at the same spot every time. When this happens, you generally have to replace the board.

Actually, there is one more:

  1. Power problems. If there is a short or something causing the 3.3v rail to struggle to stay at 3.3v, then the flash process might fail, which could potentially also cause these sort of issues. It’s possible that a V3 board could exhibit problems like these if it was working on charging a battery with very low voltage… maybe… If so, removing the battery, or just letting it charge for a while, could resolve the issue.
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Many thanks Prof. I’ve passed this back to the guy, but from his descriptions, option two seems the closest to what he’s observing. But I’ll report back for general interest once I have the unit back and have nailed down exactly what’s happening.
Thanks again.