Ezra Stapler / Spectre6 install question

Hey all, i’m finally getting around to doing an install on my Wattos Junkyard Spectre 6 and just wanted to sanity test my setup before i progress the install.

it will have a standard neopixel blade pcb along with a single accent pixel for the blaster.

The hilt has a latching switch to be able to switch between lightsaber and blaster. is it as simple as just wiring in 1 leg of the switch to a free pin, the other leg to ground and defining blade detect for that pin?

It could be that simple. You could also use dual_prop and have it swap over to blaster controls.

Oh nice, thanks. I wasn’t aware of dual_prop. Found the pod page for it (ProffieOS Documentation: Using dual_prop.h) and will have a read up on the blaster prop.

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You almost certainly want to use SaberBlasterProp instead of DualProp.
It’s also defined in dual_prop.h, but integrates saber and blaster a little better.

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Hmm. I don’t even remember the class DualProp ever. The POD page seems like it should be edited to SaberBlasterProp as that’s really the described use case, no?

Yeah. The DualProp might still be useful for something, but for a saber-blaster combination, the SaberBlasterProp is going to be better every time since it handles the button mapping for you.