External audio amplifier

Some time ago i contemplated having a break out board to power an extra speaker so i could have 2 in my saber.
I have since got myself the TPA2016 sterio amplifier to play with but for the life of me i cant find the original post with how to enable the I2C for this and how to wire it up?
Am i right in thinking that to wire it up i would need to connect SCL, SDA and I2C to the proffie to get it to work?
And just enable the I2C with a define in my config?

I suggest getting this amplifier instead:

It’s actually the same one that the proffieboard uses.

The one you got has analog inputs, which is going to be prone to noise, and would have to be fed from the amplifier outputs on the proffieboard, because there is no support for an analog out as of right now.

The I2C input on that amplifer is just to control the volume and other similar settings, so hooking them up to the SDA/SCL connectors wouldn’t give you any sound. Also, you would need to add support in ProffieOS for this chip if you wanted proffieOS to actually control the amplifier.

The MAX98357A on the other hand, it needs I2S input. Proffieboards can generate I2S signals if you add #define ENABLE_I2S_OUTPUT to your config file. This would also be a good search term for finding more information about it, including how to wire it up.

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Thanx @profezzorn for the feedback, ha ha mayby i should have asked the question before buying in the brake out board.
I will get the one you recomended and give it a go👍