Error trying to verify proffieboard files via Arduino

Hello, I am new to proffie editing, and I am getting this error whenever i try to verify my files in Arduino. I do not know what to do or what it is. The following error appears:

In file included from C:\Users\Abram\Desktop\ProffieOS\config\skinny_config.h:15,
from C:\Users\Abram\Desktop\ProffieOS\ProffieOS.ino:586:
C:\Users\Abram\Desktop\ProffieOS\props\saber_shtok_buttons.h: In member function ‘virtual bool SaberShtokButtons::Event2(BUTTON, EVENT, uint32_t)’:
C:\Users\Abram\Desktop\ProffieOS\props\saber_shtok_buttons.h:147:21: error: ‘class HybridFont’ has no member named ‘SB_Blast’
147 | hybrid_font.SB_Blast();
| ^~~~~~~~
exit status 1
Error compiling for board Proffieboard V2.

Any help or possible solutions? Thanks :slight_smile:

What version of ProffieOS are you using?
Did you use the saber_shtok_buttons.h that came with it, or did you get a different one from somewhere?

I am using ProffieOS version 5.9
I am also using the saber_shtok_buttons.h that came with it.

Looks like line 147 in props/saber_shtok_button.h is outdated, it should say:

        hybrid_font.SB_Effect(EFFECT_BLAST, 0);

I guess nobody has really used that prop in ProffieOS 5.x.

thank you so much!! it worked!!

If I ever decide to make a ProffieOS 5.10 release, this fix will be included.

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It’s fixed for OS6.

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