Error: cannot convert 'const char*' to 'StyleFactory*' in initialization

I’m trying to add a new font to my saber from greyscale fonts but every time i try to verifi the config in arduino it shows that error. I tried many things but nothing seems to work. everthing works just fine if there isnt the font Apoc but with it it just wont work… Any help would be most apreciated.
the config:
DFCS_Proffie_1btn_config.h (66.7 KB)

I should add that im practicly new to proffie boards XD this is my first time messing with it

You have 2 blades on your saber so each preset needs 2 styles, your “Apoc” preset only has one.

If you’re on OS6 or 7 you need to make other updates though as my prop requires the “common” folder with Voice Prompts be set up on your SD and in your config, see Set Up Instructions on this page.

I recommend using my Config Helper, it can help with this and with making sure the syntax for your config is correct, just watch the videos at the top and follow the instructions and it will assist in setting up and updating your config correctly.