Equipment category?

I’m thinking of creating a category for posting about equipment, like soldering irons, solder, flux, wire, etc. It’s a topic that’s fairly well covered on other boards though, so I’m not sure it’s particularly helpful. Opinions?

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I’d say it doesn’t hurt.

Too many categories does dilute the forum, but since this is my forum, and I kind of want to post about equipment, I would tend to agree in this case… :slight_smile:


I say include it. Case in point, I didn’t know there was an issue with the Hakko counterfeits until someone messaged me. I found out I’d received one and luckily got it sent back and replaced before it was too late. Maybe even start a thread/poll on what we all use and suggest as an overall “Best Bet” shopping list we can direct people to.


I’m all for it. there is a lot of differing opinions but I think I can say this for everyone on this forum, there’s no opinion we value more then yours @profezzorn. I would love to hear about your setup.

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Would you divided this tips into different categories or just have them all in one thread?

One category, different threads.
If it gets really popular, I could divide it into sub-categories later.

Category created.

Wait… Is it a hyper-spanner, or a hydro-spanner?

sounds like hydro to me

It’s a “hydrospanner”
…according to Wookiepedia anyway.

Are there any other in-universe tools I can use in the category description?

I suppose I could use other universes.
I’ve always wanted a left-handed flange-tuner…

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Harris wrench & Pilex driver from TFA. That’s all I know in-universe.

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I just saw this for ideas for a workstation my bench is now been taken over so I need a space for my Sabering.

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