El wire and proffie

I know I asked this before but for the life of me I cannot locate the thread.

I have an old Parks saber that has el wire. I want to gut it, save the el wire, and add a proffie to it.

If I recall I should be able to run it off the 3.3v line with a 1300:8 ET14 transformer.

Does this sound about right or am I in outer space?


I don’t think the 3.3v line has enough power.
You might be able to run it between LED1 and BATT+ though.
The transformer would also need alternating current to produce power, the PWM signal from LED1 might work though. By default, ProffieOS uses an 800Hz PWM signal, but I have no idea if that’s a good match for an EL transformer or not. Also, you would want to configure your blade or style so that 50% duty-cycle is the maximum, which can be done with a custom LED struct.

So i seem to have 2 options as I am not an EE. :slight_smile:

Option 1:

And I am planning on running it off the 5 volt line (if it will fit in the hilt). Not sure if that is workable.

Option 2:

Gut it for the inverter and run from the 3.3v line with a small resistor back to 3v. The only issue here is that this has a momentary switch for on/off, not a latching switch. I would like to have the Proffie just turn it on. I might be in over my head on this option.



Neither of these provide enough information to be helpful.
The first one says “12v”, but is that the input or the output voltage?
(If it’s the input, then why does it have an USB plug?)
Adafruit says EL wire require 60-120 volts, so I don’t think it can be the output voltage.

The second one runs on “two AA batteries”. If you’re lucky it might work with the 3.7v that a li-ion battery provides, but no grantees.