Effect has not been declared error while compiling

i have been trying to upgrade to proffie os6 but idk where i went wrong.

here is my config, when i try to paste my error it says it is too large for the forum

Then use pastebin.
Also, we need the full error output, or at least the first ~100 lines or something to figure out what happened.

error code

here is the error that arduino is giving me, sorry i didn’t respond sooner.

It might be a mismatch in #if / #ifdef, probably in the config file.
Post the config file?


here is the config, thanks for the help.

So what would be and mismatched and how would I fix it?

So it turns that this is not an #if / #endif mismatch.
The only thing I can find wrong with your config is an extra comma on line 222/223.

The fact that you get a different error message means that either your ProffieOS is messed up somehow, or your Arduino installation is weird somehow.

I recommend re-downloading ProffieOS and see if that works better.

Ok so I figured out that I didn’t have teensyduino. I thought I did because I had uploaded fonts to my saber before, but that was back in 4.9 I believe so I did that and changed my config to match the example more closely. I think it helped because the error changed to something like endif without if preceding or something.

Teensyduino shouldn’t make any difference.
If you post your updated config and error message, I can help you figure out what is wrong.

revan config 2 - Pastebin.com -Config

error2 - Pastebin.com -Error

The error message doesn’t match the config file.
The error says that line 25 of your config file is #endif, but that’s not what I find on line 25 of your config file. That means that Arduino isn’t reading the file you think it is. (Check the full path in the error message.)

I checked all the #endif in the config file you posted, and they look fine, it’s just not the file that Arduino is trying to use.

ok i found the file it was opening and have fixed it and it seems that it made progress because the error is saying that there is an issue with an expected primary Expression missing or something. I will include my error and config like before. I’m sorry this is being such a pain.

Arduino: 1.8.19 (Windows 10), TD: 1.56, Board: "Proffieboard V2, Serial + Mass S - Pastebin.com -error

#ifdef CONFIG_TOP#include "proffieboard_v2_config.h"#define NUM_BLADES 1#d - Pastebin.com -correct config

Some of your presets are missing their endings.
In the ones that have it it looks like this:

"preset 3"

Also, the preset array is missing it’s ending as well, which should look like:


More information here: CONFIG_PRESETS

I figured out my issue, when I copied over the example config I forgot to take out the crystal chamber presets. As soon as I removed them it uploaded no problem. But when I switch through presets it says font directory not found as well as the preset name, what does that mean.

Never mind, I needed to replace my voice pack after reinstalling the os a while back. Thanks for all the help, my saber works and I love it.