Editing Temporary Files - Overview and Clarification

I have a few questions about editing temporary files, that I’ll ask here so others can benefit from the clarification…

First check my thinking:

if you use the SAVE_STATE define in your configs, there are five temporary files that get written. They are:

  • global.ini
  • presets.ini
  • presets.tmp
  • curstate.ini
  • curstate.tmp

From what I’ve read, the .tmp files are essentially backups and should really be left alone, but .ini files can be edited using a simple text editor.

So if, for example, my config clash threshold is set to 2.5 but I’m getting false clashes, I can edit global.ini and simply change that number to something higher, click ‘save’, and job done - I now have a higher clash threshold.

All good so far.

I see I can also juggle blade styles and stuff, and this is quite well documented here:

ProffieOS Documentation: How to edit presets.ini by hand

And I assume that I’m also right in saying that I can change file paths as well? So for instance, if the top line of my preset reads:


and I want to change the force effect to a blue-bladed character, I can change it to:


(assuming of course there’s a corresponding folder full of wavs on the SD card).

This is all great stuff, and is useful for buyers who may want to tweak without diving into re-programming. (Sorry if I’m late to this particular party, but I’ve always tried to supply, as it were, turn key hilts for people who don’t want to change stuff, and I’ve avoided editing these files for fear of them causing issues of their own, but I’m starting to see the value of these very simple mods for people).

But one point I’m confused on - the curstate.ini blade length files?

I have a hilt loaded with accents which is effectively five blades, but the blade length on all of them, including the main blade, is described as 1.00 on the curstate ini.

My question is, suppose someone has a hilt set for short blade (say, 110 pixels) and they go out and buy a longer blade (say 121 pixels, i.e. 10 percent longer) they will obviously find the end of their new blade doesn’t light up.

Can they fix this in curstate.ini? And if so how? Do they need to work out the percentage extra length of the new blade and enter something like:


Would that work? And if not, what does the 1.0 refer to?

Would love clarification on this so I can put some simple instructions toegther for people (which I will obviously share here too in case they’re useful).

Thanks as always.


Not if you or the user plan to use Edit Mode or Workbench to edit fonts in the future. Edit Mode and Workbench expect


With “font” being editable and “common” being fixed.

If you change “common” or add additional font paths and then use Edit Mode or ProffieOS Workbench it will overwrite to


If you have “common” sounds that you want to be different per font they should be put into the font itself.

This one will also have a TMP file.

This used to be true, but from ProffieOS 7.x, there is a new save file format, and ProffieOS will alternate between saving to the new files. A lot more information about that is available here:

This page is unfortunately outdated as you need to “unlock” the files before you can edit them.
NoSloppy has a program for that.

Are you sure it doesn’t say -1.00 ?

-1 is used to mean “not set, just use whatever is in the config file”.
If you want to override it, set it to a number in pixels. However, that number cannot be higher than what your saber is configured for, only shorter.

If you want to use dynamic blade length, I suggest using 144 as the length if your config file and the configure it for something shorter in the ini file.

I updated the POD page.

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