Edit Mode / Presets.ini Issue

I have edited presets.ini using TextEdit in the past with much success, but on my current install, the Proffie is not reading the preset.ini file correctly. I noticed that it creates some bogus text at the top of the file too. Example:
13 2023 01:23:25

For instance, even if I change one line in the file to point to a new font, it is not reflected when I boot up the saber and instead the saber operates back to the default after flashing, ignoreing the presets.ini file. WebUSB edit mode DOES work, but if I modify the text presets.ini afterwards I can’t change it further and it defaults. I don’t get this behavior on other installs. I’ve tried reformatting the SD card. Any thoughts? I feel like the bogus text at the beginning of the INI file is a clue.

Also, there is a python program in your ProffieOS zip file that can revert the ini file format to the old format so you can edit it:

Note that you will need to run the python program each time you want to edit the files by hand as ProffieOS will re-upgrade the files every time you run it. (Which takes a second or two, so you get a bit of a delay the first two times you save something on your saber.)

Ah thanks. Why is it doing this on this setup though? I’m essentially using the same config and OS as my previous sabers, all OS7.7 and I can edit the old ones fine. Is it because I initialized this one as 7.7 rather than upgrading it? I understand the advantages of the new method, but I personally prefer to edit by hand without having to use Python since I always make backups of my SD cards. Perhaps I can force it to use the old method by default…

Are you editing it as plain text?
Textedit wants to use rich text format by default.
You’ll want to goto the Format menu and choose ‘Make Plain Text’.

Update: I got it working! I used the actual old .ini files from my previous saber, changed the lines accordingly, and copied them over to the new SD. I am editing as plain text by default. There must be something in the newly created .ini files that has the header block in there that isn’t showing up in TextEdit. I believe by using the old files, the new saber treats them as regular .ini files.

The reason I’m doing this, is because most of my blade styles use a singular “uber style” using options that I’ve already setup and customized for each font, and want to be carried over to all my sabers without having to redo all that work in WebUSB one-by-one. Editing by hand allows you to easily rearrange styles and copy them to other sabers (keeping in mind the number of blades on each instal).

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