Edit Mode menues

So I’m working on menu abstractions, and I want to provide customizable menues that more or less duplicate the edit mode stuff.

However, I think I may be going a bit overboard, so I thought I’d see what people think is helpful and what can be skipped…

Currently, I have the preset edit stuff organized into three menues, one for preset edits, which have options like:

  • Edit Font
  • Edity Track
  • Edit Style1
  • Edit Style2 (if you have two blades)
  • Edit Style3 (if you have three blades, etc.)
  • Move Preset up
  • Move Preset Down
  • Select Preset
  • Insert selected preset
  • Delete Preset

Then once, if you select a style, you get a menu like:

  • Edit options
  • Edit style (selects a completely different style from builtin options)
  • Select Style
  • Copy Selected Style
  • Copy Colors from Selected Style
  • Copy Arguments from Selected Style
  • Apply colors to all blades
  • Reset arguments to default

In “Edit options” you can go through all the arguments for the style, and
if you select a color, you get another menu:

  • Modify brightness
  • Modify Hue
  • Modify Red
  • Modify Green
  • Modify Blue
  • Select Color
  • Use Selected Color
  • Reset to Default
  • Save

This seems like a lot though.
Maybe I’m over-thinking it? Or is this kind of what we need?

that looks reasonable to me.

What would “insert selected preset” do? Or is it be Copy selected preset option?

Maybe “copy selected preset” would be better?
The idea idea is that it would create a copy of the selected preset and insert it at the current location. The current preset would still exist, but be moved down one slot.

makes sense

Not sure if you’re looking to fully replicate Edit Mode, but I didn’t see these (I know some are specific to my prop but they’re currently part of Edit Mode or the stripped down Edit Settings Menu as well):

Edit Settings Menu:

  • Edit Volume - edit volume, max is based on VOLUME in original config
  • Edit Control Settings - enable/disable individual gesture controls, set control settings for applicable gestures
    • Swing On Ignition
    • Swing On Speed (sets swing speed needed to ignite)
    • Twist On Ignition
    • Thrust On Ignition
    • Stab On Ignition
    • Twist Off Retraction
    • Power Lock (when enabled locks Power button, to turn saber off hold both buttons until saber turns off)
    • Force Push
    • Force Push Length (movement distance to trigger Force Push)
    • Lockup Delay (for Battle Mode - time to “steady” blade after a clash for Lockup to trigger)
    • Clash Detect (for Battle Mode 2.0 - maximum clash strength to detect clash during Battle Mode (0 = disable, 10 = max)
    • Max Clash (maximum clash level for “Real Clash” Sound functionality (8 ~ 16)
  • Edit Clash Threshold - adjust Clash Threshold from the saber menu without needing to re-upload config
  • Edit Blade Length - adjust Blade Length from the saber menu without needing to re-upload
  • Edit Brightness - dim ALL blades from the saber menu without needing to re-upload

The menu listed above is just the options for editing presets. There will also be a settings menu, which will let you change the following options:

  • Volume
  • Clash Threshold
  • Blade Length
  • Brightness

None of the control settings are supported by the “saber” prop, so those will not be a part of the default menu system, but the goal is to make it very easy to add or replace menus.

I’m thinking that once I get this actually working, we’ll see if it makes sense to translate your menus into this system or not.

Gotcha, no problem.